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Hard work paid off when they walked off the stage with 1st place medals

This is our first year with South Coast Freestyle dancing on 3 teams with 3 National Championships. What a ride! To impress upon you that it has been a crazy journey is a true understatement. The road started out with her not making the team for Youth Advance Pom and boy was it a crushing blow. Then after weeks of dedication, blood, sweat and tears she did it. Caroline worked so hard and all of the SCF instructors really made an impact on her. Morgan more than anyone as Caroline says "she has a way of uplifting you while critiquing you and you just get it. " She has learned the value of true team spirit and what she hopes will be life long friendships. She learned what true sacrifice was and how missing out on parties and get togethers with school friends led to a whole new group of friends, her teammates. The road that led her to a National Championship was hard and required everything she had to give. Hard work payed off when they walked off the stage with 1st Place medals and Jackets at the JAMZ Vegas National Championship for #Nascar Youth Pom. Then weeks later Varsity USA AllStar Championships in Anaheim led to 2 National Champions for #Woman Up Youth Jazz and #Freaks Junior Variety. The clinking of 1st Place medals around their necks and a new National Champion Jacket. It's fair to say that her first year with SCF has been a memorable one while capturing some rather impressive awards and accomplishments. The journey isn't quite over as we are headed for Summit. Where we hope to sweep the floor once again. As you can see in the very top photo my girl Caroline is enthusiastic about going for 1st Place and winning!! And I sure hope these teammates continue to rally, work hard and accomplish their dreams and goals. Shoot for the moon girls and even if you fall short and land on a star you will be Shining bright as the SCF winners you have proven you are!

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