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I love that keeping her involved in dance has kept her focused on school and time management so ther

Dear Lonna,

The past four years that you have coached my daughter, have lead her to develop an incredible strength and determination that helped her achieve her goals to be on your SCF Worlds team- and now the team is #1 in the nation! Thanks to you, she has found her passion… dancing at South Coast Freestyle! My daughter came to you with only a little ballet and hip-hop training from a local studio that only worked toward one recital a year, and it was you who have given her the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to compete with her teams frequently at large competitions! You have trained her, praised her, and pushed her both mentally and physically to become not only the World level dancer she is, but also a strong confident young lady who knows and understands the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals. Being part of a team with other girls from different schools, has helped her grow socially and achieve a strong bond with other girls who are also working hard to be the best they can be. I love that keeping her involved in dance has kept her focused on school and time management so there is little time lost to other things that may not be a positive influence. Thank you Lonna for helping my daughter learn one of the most important life lessons: That she can achieve anything and that anything is possible if she is dedicated and committed to the process and hard work. Her reward was amazing- a trip to Orlando to compete alongside the best dancers from all over the world. Nothing can ever take those special memories and feeling of success from my daughter! I can only hope that other parents give their child the opportunity to be part of the South Coast Freestyle family so that they can experience what being on one of your teams can do for their child’s personal growth and well- being. Thank you is such a small word for all you have poured into my daughter’s life!


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