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I truly credit Lonna, her program and my daughters teammates for the astounding recovery that she m

I am writing in regards recommending South Coast Freestyle and coach Lonna Albert. I am a parent of a dancer who was in Lonna’s program for 5 years. My daughter has moved on to high school but her experience with Lonna will be with her for a lifetime. In eighth grade we found out that my daughter would need major spine surgery to correct her scoliosis. This surgery requires her spine being opened all the way down her back and two permanent titanium rods being attached to the spine. This surgery required her to be out of school for 6 weeks and no physical activity for 6 months. One of the doctors even suggested she find another sport because he didn’t think she would be able to dance any more. As you can imagine she was devastated! Her biggest worry was dancing on Lonna’s team. The day we had to tell Lonna what the situation was she cried all day. As a parent this day was also devastating for me. Lonna’s support not only as a coach but as a friend started from the first moment we told her. Her comment to my daughter was, “Don’t you worry about your spot on my team, you only worry about getting healthy. You will always have a place in my program.” These words were not only lip service to us but Lonna backed them up with her actions. From the first day of surgery Lonna supported and encouraged my daughter to keep a positive attitude and to work had to heal. Lonna encouraged her to visit the studio whenever she could. When we would take her by the studio to watch her team Lonna would have her sit up front and help critique the routine. Now as we all know, no coach needs a dancer to critique her work but Lonna found a way to make my daughter feel like part of the team. As her mom I saw the motivation Lonna gave her to get better. I truly credit Lonna, her program and my daughters teammates for the astounding recovery that she made. Her spine specialist was amazed with her recovery and has had my daughter speak with some of his young patients who are also facing this surgery. My daughters surgery was in April and in December she not only competed on Lonna’s junior team but was the center in both the pom and jazz routines. This junior team, Vampires, went on to when a National title in Florida. This would never of happened if Lonna had not taken the time and interest in my daughter to constantly encourage and support her recovery. This experience is only one of many I could talk about regarding Lonna as a coach. Her passion for the industry and commitment to her dancers is unmatched. She teaches her girls life lessons that they will remember long after their days at SCF.

Thank You,

Anne D.

Proud SCF Parent

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