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Her primary reason for coaching is to help our children grow, mature and develop in to successful, w

I am very proud parent of South Coast Freestyle All-Star Dance and coach Lonna Albert. I have never had the experience if interacting with a coach who makes her teams such a priority. Her primary reason for coaching is to help our children grow, mature and develop in to successful, well rounded and respected adults both as athletes and in their personal lives.

My story is one of many that demonstrate why Lonna is such a special coach. My daughter was diagnosed with severe scoliosis at the age of 11. Our biggest fear was confirmed when doctors told us her back could only be corrected with spinal fusion surgery. Our daughter underwent spinal fusion surgery in November 2008. It was a long painful surgery and recovery that left her with thoughts that she could never compete again. She had always been a self confident young girl who enjoyed sports.

Less than a year after surgery I entrusted my daughter to coach Lonna Albert, because she wanted to try dance. Lonna quickly recognized my daughter lacked the self confidence in her ability as a result of her surgery. She mentioned that she had another dancer a few years back that also had spinal fusion surgery and was now a successful dancer on her high school song team. My daughter wanted to quit, but Lonna stuck by her and quickly recognized that the only way to turn this around was to introduce my daughter to her former dancer. Lonna facilitated a meeting with my daughter and her former dancer. Her former dancer was able to show my daughter that she had the ability to be a successful dancer. Shortly after this meeting, I instantly saw a new passion in my daughter’s eye. She had a renewed enthusiasm and confidence in her ability to dance. It was Lonna, who rebuilt my daughters confidence and she suddenly blossomed. This was achieved because Lonna never gave up on her and her ability.

Lonna instills important values in her dancers. She focuses on discipline, hard work, conquering fear and tension, having pride in themselves and their teammates, establishing attainable goals, and more importantly striving to accomplish those goals. She also portrays enthusiasm. The thought of working with her dancers motivates her and gets her excited about what they are accomplishing. Her patience is outstanding. She has the ability to go over things again and again, never losing enthusiasm. She is a mentor who has the patience to teach the fundamental of dance and any level. Lonna is also sincerely concerned about her dancers, first as human beings and second as dancers. She listens well and empowers her dancers to try their best. It is difficult to differentiate between patience and persistence; they go hand in hand for a coach. Lonna teaches her dancers to persist. Persistence to me, is never giving up. She had the sense to not give up on my daughter.

If you are looking for a studio…..South Coast Freestyle Dance is it!

Rob S.- Proud SCF Parent

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