South Coast Freestyle has established a sign-up process using “Google Sheets” for dancers that want to attend Drop In classes.


Going forward, please sign-up for any classes using the link below if you and/or your dancer will be attending any of the drop in classes.


You can sign up for as many classes that you want to for the entire week ahead of time. This will assist both the coaches and fellow dancers in determining the attendance for each class.


It’s highly recommended that the dancer check the sign up sheet within 30 minutes of the class to ensure there are a minimum of 2 additional dancers taking the class. (3 total) If there are less than 3 dancers attending the drop in class, please assume the class will be canceled.


To sign up for a class, you MUST have a “Gmail” email address; otherwise, it will only allow for Read Only access. If you do not currently have a Gmail email address, it’s FREEand quick to create one. We have provided instructions below on how to create one. If you previously signed up for a class and decide later to NOT attend the class, please log back in and remove your name from the sign-up sheet.

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SCF Dance Worlds 2022



Email Lonna for more info on 2022 Season Team placements & free auditions!

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Having our daughter join the SCF family is the best decision we’ve made. They are not just a dance studio, they are a family. From the moment we joined, they’ve made us feel so welcomed. 

You are so amazing at what you do.  The routines and costumes were incredible.  You have put together a fun, loving & talented staff and the dancers themselves treat our team with such love, kindness and encouragement. One of the best parts is being with the dance buddies.  You set the tone and lead by example.  

Not only was she immediately personally welcomed by the owner and coaching staff, but she was greeted by happy smiling girls who hugged her and welcomed her to the studio.  From the top down, SCF is amazing, supportive, professional and inspiring.  Our daughter has grown exponentially after just one year of coming to SCF.  



Our studio welcomes new families to join some of the best dance teams in Orange County and we look forward to another incredibly successful season. With drop-in classes offered without any registration fee, your dancer can begin today. South Coast Freestyle is conveniently located in Mission Viejo with lots of parking available. Come visit our beautiful studio with viewing rooms, where we truly strive for Dance Elevated!

Drop-in classes